The present feels grim, but the future is bright

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The news rarely shows messages of hope, but in 2010, it did so by accident. 33 Chilean miners were buried underground in a mining accident. Camera crews and journalists flocked show the tragedy.

Imagine how the miners felt. One day they headed to work, thinking of their families and friends, thinking of home. Then: a rumble. A shake. A collapse.

All hope of a normal life was quickly buried underneath a pile of rubble. These men couldn’t see the sun. Food was scarce. Rescue seemed a foolish dream.

Despite the despair, the men quickly organized themselves and elected leaders. Supplies were counted and rationed. Someone thought to use electric lights to simulate day and night. They started each day with a prayer. After two weeks, the food situation was so grim each man was only allowed one bite every three days. …

They say elephants never forget. Bitter adults don’t either.

Every disappointment chips away at the invincible hope that comes so naturally when you are young. You don’t have to tell a child to be hopeful. A crushing defeat one day is forgotten the next.

Once you are grown, hope is not natural. It must be protected. You don’t just have hope. You must choose it every day.

Every day, guard your mind. Every day, look for the good. Every day, smile. Every day, look for places where hope is fulfilled. “I hoped there would be coffee this morning and there was!”

You need light most when it is dark outside.

Make vulnerability great again

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Photo by Jameson Mallari Atenta from Pexels

“We don’t have any money at all?”

Kate rummaged through receipts and empty Chick Fil A boxes. This was before we became “clean car people.” She opened the glove box and repeated the same process.

“Better find it quick,” I told her. “He’s coming this way.”

I tried not to make eye contact with the man walking toward us. …


Todd Brison

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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