143 Words Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Read Today

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All things considered, only one question matters:

“Does it work?”

Ask this question about your Amazon keyword strategy.

Ask it about your copy.

Ask it about your book concept.

Ask it about the cover art while you’re at it.

Ask it about your fresh hook for the jingle.

Ask it about your “innovative” design concept.

Ask it about your new and improved productivity routine.

Ask it about the lower third which is just a *bit* off brand.

Ask it about your “top secret report” (which we all know is a lead magnet).

Ask it about your headlines, your taglines, your opening sentences.

Ask it about your pitch, your price, your positioning.

Ask it about the service you plan to deliver.

Ask it about the questions you ask.

Here’s the reason you must ask this question yourself first:

If you don’t, someone else does.

Much love as always ❤

— Todd B

Written by

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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