6 Ways to Keep Your Creativity Alive

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1) Find errors in the world

The tension of “that’s not quite right” is often the first step to creative outbreaks. This is true in people, process, or product.

2) Don’t give up just because someone else does what you do

Here is one of my favorite stories:

3) Reject administrative work

WARNING: This might be a good way to lose your job.

4) Solve everyone else’s problems

I try and split my day into two sections:

  • Section 2 — I do everyone else’s work

5) Learn about everything

“I’ll just go down to the sawmill. I’m sure that place will be full of secrets for household appliances.”

Yet, like magic, the innovation was waiting on him. It’s almost like everything in the world is connected somehow.

6) Do boring work

Ah ha!

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An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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