9 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Be Creative for a Living

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1. Are you serious?

2. Are you sure?

“You’re talkin’ ‘bout the American Dream. You find something that you love, and then you twist it, and you torture it, try and find a way to make money at it. You spend a lifetime doing that. At the end, you can’t find a trace of what you started out lovin’.”

— Justin Matisse, Hope Floats

3. Are you a self-starter?

“I don’t want to overachieve anymore.”

4. Are you considering you current situation?

“What I’d really like is a project where I don’t really have to chase clients or build anything. I want a situation where I can come in, do work for someone who has a specific task for me in mind, and then they pay me.”

“Declan, what you’re describing is a job.”

5. How much money do you need to make?

6. Do you know someone who can help with the boring stuff?

7. Do you know what your value is?

8. Are you willing to be stubborn?

9. Are you willing to re-invent yourself?

“Born to Dance made me want to vomit. I knew I had to toughen up.”

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An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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