999 Spoiled White Girls

Saying celebrities’ lives are transparent in the current world is a little like saying the earth is round. For the most part, people in the limelight couldn't have fewer secrets if they lived in all-glass houses.

Instead of getting to keep a relationship safe, it’s now the business of 300 million Americans. Instead of private finances, unthinkable numbers are blasted across newspapers and televisions.

Both of these elements have contributed to the current opinion of Taylor Swift.

I live in Nashville, where it’s apparently everyone’s purpose in life to say what they think about her:

“She can’t even sing.”

She’s so fake.”

And my personal favorite:

“She’s only famous because her daddy’s rich.”

Oh right. I forgot only rich people are allowed to learn to play guitar, write hundreds of songs, and mail dozens of demos out to record executives as a preteen.

Silly me.

Here’s the problem: whenever we see someone from wealth get famous, their fame (or talent) is automatically discounted. We immediately assume they would not be there otherwise.

Here’s what we forget:

For every 1 Taylor Swift, there are 999 other spoiled, rich, lazy white girls who are not famous.

When Taylor was learning how to play chords, those girls were getting their nails done.

When Taylor was locked in her room writing lyrics, those girls were at the mall.

When Taylor was opening up for country stars, playing for folks who neither knew nor cared who she was, those girls were playing it safe.

Here’s the deal: Being born into wealth does not discount Taylor’s fame at all. It augments it. And with that fame, she gets to do things like pay down a fan’s student loan and send holiday gifts to girls she has never met.

So while you and I may not have been born rich, while we may not have been handed the connections and the cash Taylor was at birth, we still have the same choice to get up, work on our passions, fight off boredom, and make a difference.

It’s not what you’re handed when you come into this world, it’s what you do with it.

Don’t be a spoiled white girl.

Be Taylor Swift.

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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