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A few weeks ago, the New York Times released an article entitled Vaccines Need Effective Messengers. Here’s journalist Shira Ovide:

“Getting the science right is only one element of having coronavirus vaccines be successful. People must also trust them, and that requires an effective communications mobilization.”

The word to focus…

Image by the author. #15 (drawing) is shown above. Drawing helps the brain make connections…

The brain is designed to answer questions.

For most of the year, the question I asked was: “How could it get any worse??” I found answers to that. Then, I asked “what made this year good?” I also found answers to that.

My guess is that you could make a…

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Lately, I’ve been listening to the High School Musical soundtrack a lot. Some bro on Instagram said it would make me live longer.

You’re thinking “oh yeah. That song ‘We’re All In This Together,’ right?” No. The deep tracks.


Can I Have this Dance.


I listened to HSM…

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When you watch an actor on screen, you see at least 3 people.

  1. The character being played
  2. The public persona they wear “off-screen”
  3. The person they really are

That’s the sort of bizarre reality worth keeping in mind while watching something like the Academy Awards. Most of these people aren’t…

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Several years ago, I helped my father-in-law move a couch. (This is something you should never do unless you are serious about staying with his child forever. The twists and turns of marriage don’t compare with the terror of moving furniture.) The chair was a black, wobbly leather thing. We…

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6 years ago, I agreed to take a phone call from a stranger.

I had no idea what to expect.

An interview? A business pitch? An article idea?

Was this guy normal?

I paced around my queen-sized mattress, trodding across the hopefully-clean hotel carpet. Big drifts of snow were plopped…

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Generally speaking, the message we are told in order to find success is not “make your work as frictionless as possible.”

It’s “hustle your face off.”

This story dominates our culture. It seeps into every nook and cranny, every blurb, every billboard. You can’t scroll YouTube without seeing an homage…

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