A Better Mindset Isn’t Everything

It’s not enough to change your attitude.

Yes you can change you attitude, and you should change your attitude, but if your circumstances are all stacked against you, your journey to personal improvement will look a lot like riding a rowboat (although admittedly a cheerful, positive rowboat) through a tsunami. You can do it, but it won’t be much fun.

The whole point of an attitude change is to leverage inner momentum and build circumstance changes. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude with awful circumstances.

Luckily, theres a very simple thing you can do if you don’t like your circumstances:

Change them.

I know, I know, groundbreaking, right? It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

What happens is we get stuck. We forget life was ever anything else than the 8–5, punch-the-clock, follow-the-rules, do-what-they-tell-you-rut that threatens our very soul.

That’s why every time you run into a high school friend, the conversation is exactly the same:

“Hey man! Been a long time!”

“Yeah it has. What have you been up to?”

“You know… work.”

Oh right, that 40+ hour thing we do that gobbles up the majority of our week.

At first, it seems ludicrous we would willingly offer up that much time for something we don’t love. But then our inner voice chimes in. It whispers deadly words of mediocrity:

“They have good benefits, though.”

“At least it’s a steady paycheck.”

“Yeah it sucks, but work just sucks…right?”

If today were the last day of your life, would you be excited to do what you are going to do at work today?

For a long time, my answer to that was no. I was stuck in a job writing manuals. Entire weeks were devoted not to writing, but to formatting 70 page instructional documents for different states.

This was not exactly the creative freedom I set out of college looking for.

After a while, I got fed up. As it happened, I had some free time which I used to learn video editing. I put together a prototype for a different department in our company, and I had a job offer to work for that team in 8 weeks.

Now, although my job isn’t perfect, there are a lot more options than I had before. I have some freedom. I have some creative license.

And (this may be shocking) I have some fun.

I’m the kind of person who hates to be bound by anything, least of all a massive commitment to do something I hate just because it pays the bills.

That’s why, if you look in the mirror and get physically sick on Sunday thinking about Monday, it’s time for a change.

If you are in college and doubting your major, change it. If you are in “the real world” and sick of your career, change it. If you are tired of the food you eat every day, change it.

It’s simple, it really is. It’s just not easy.

But isn’t the extra effort worth the life you want?

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An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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