A List of Somewhere Between 4–100,000 Books to Help You Write Better

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I found this gem several years ago when I was on vacation. Having plowed through all the books I brought on the trip, I looked for something cheap on my girlfriends Kindle.

This book was free. It’s packed with both knowledge and motivation, and it will get you writing again.

Here it is on Amazon.

Steven Pressfield (mostly a fiction writer) came out of his shell to explain about the writing process, and the need to create. It’s stunningly transparent, and although it does get a little high-minded at times, it’s a practical book.

It’s also a pretty quick read. Here it is on Amazon.

This is my book which is coming out July 19th. It will help you not only write better, but figure out what to do during each of the three phases each creative person goes through:

  • Discovery
  • Discipline
  • Destiny

It will be a medium read, clocking in at about 25,000 words (4 hour read or so for the average person).

Obviously I think you should get this book if you get any of them :) Here it is on Amazon.

Yes, really.

Lots of people look for a way to learn how to write well, and I’ve read too many books to remember and refer all the time.

At the end of the day, reading anything is an excellent way to learn to write.

But you have to do two things at once:

  1. Read the book for what it is — absorb the information or characters
  2. Read what the author is doing — notice where the details come in, the book structure, the logic between points.

Absorb all the best books. Then dissect them. Then emulate them.

Then do that as often as possible.

Thanks, Luatulips, for giving me a chance to expand. Hope this helps.

— TB

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An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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