And Then I Cried Over These Three Words

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(No, not THOSE three words)

Somewhere in the distance, my alarm was ringing. I crawled out of the twin bed mattress which my wife and I had been sleeping on. For reasons I don’t feel much like getting into right now, it laid in the hallway, not supported by box springs or a frame.

We had one pink blanket to share and one pillow each.

My phone read: 5:53 A.M.

In a few minutes, I needed to take our friend to the airport. She would be heading back to Dublin soon.

“Are they all scheduled?” I thought to myself.

“Yes, they are all scheduled,” I answered. “Besides, you can’t change anything now.”

Before I headed out the door, I heard a voice:


I expected she might request coffee.

I wondered what she was going to remind me of a promise I made— gas bill? Electric? Unclogging the kitchen sing again? My mind raced. What had I forgotten?

Instead, she pulled my ear down to her mouth and whispered:

“Happy launch day.”

Marriage is not held in very high regards today. I understand why. For too long it has been abused and mishandled. It is easy to see the pitfalls.

In my life, though, it is an anchor in a swaying sea. My wife holds me when I am low and pops my ego when I get too high. America worships individualism to the point where many of us are alone. Despite my flaws, she is my unconditional teammate.

She is invaluable.

At Kate’s request, I will not post a picture of her. Instead, she suggested our cat, Amadeus.

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He is so pure

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I love you, Medium.

— TB

An optimist who writes.

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