…Because Sometimes We Have to Breathe

First off, Sean I hope you don’t mistake this for a criticism. I’ve been though your work and I love what you do. I am also a complete Vayniac, and your article definitely gave me the kick in the pants I needed when I read it. Sometimes it really is all about the hustle. I still am 100% behind everything you wrote here.

Since the week that you wrote it, though, and thanks to this article, I've had some other thoughts on this and I want to add to the conversation. There are definitely times where we have to soak in the world around us. JK Rowling says that writing is like exhaling, and sometimes we just have to come up for air.

Creatives must be able to do both — to go 100 miles an hour when work needs to be done and to lay back, stare at the stars and wonder what the heck they are doing there in the first place.

In general, artists struggle with the first piece of this. We are stereotypically terrible procrastinators and usually the best advice anyway can give a writer, musician or otherwise is “get to work.”

I honestly wonder about Gary Vee’s perspective on rest because there has to be some down time where he comes up with ideas, evaluates the direction of his businesses, and otherwise. Doesn’t there???

Anyway, in summary …

Dream Big.

Work Hard.

Wonder Often.

Go For Broke.



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An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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