Brandon, thanks for the response!

I love that you’re attempting to coin something which could be tied back and used for your brand. That’s a brilliant move.

My biggest concern here is actually something most people might not consider. It’s the word “open”

Since “Open” is a verb, it causes some hesitation and confusion in the reading of the title (not a good thing).

Your next instinct would be to say “Okay, how bout ‘The Transparent Effect” But adjectives, too, can run into trouble.

Think about these titles:

  • “The Midas Effect,”
  • “The 10X Rule.”
  • “The Icarus Deception”

All of these titles are using proper nouns — this gives the reader a concrete object to remember which (probably) does not already have emotional baggage around it.

Here’s my advice: When writing this type of title, consider an object, mythical creature, or heroic figure to represent the concept of “openness.”

Hope this helps,

— TB ❤

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An optimist who writes.

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