“But I don’t have ________”

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I still have that hat.

It began as something called “Broom ball.”

The four of us were young, bored, and broke. The only thing we owned was our time.

One rainy day, in the middle of June, we found a broom. Then another broom. We wrangled up two plastic bats and a slightly deflated ball — you know, the ones you can pick up at the dollar store which don’t roll quite straight? The result was a very redneck version of field hockey.

We didn’t have nets or goals or pads or equipment.

We had an idea.

We had boundaries.

We had determination.

Creativity is rarely spawned in the midst of infinite resource. You don’t have a lot of time right now — good. You will learn to be more efficient. Your laptop is slow and cumbersome—awesome. Imagine how grateful you will be when you get a new one. You don’t have thousands of followers — excellent. Now is the time to find your voice.

John Sylvan didn’t have anyone to test his new coffee machine, so he chose one participant — himself. Lacking in funding and volunteers, he drank 40 or so cups of coffee a day out of little “pods” he made by hand. He gave himself caffeine poisoning.

Now, his vision — the Keurig — is in every office.

Your constraints are your advantage, at this and every level.

I just hope you recognize them for what they are.

— TB

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