Especially to the creative.

In fact, it might even be essential.

“Oh, I fell down here, but look what I found on the ground!”

— all creative people

We are called to crawl in the dirt, to dig through the mud, to inspect what others take for granted.

Personal growth is necessary — I’m not the type who expects all creative people to come with baggage and/or drama and/or drug problems. I don’t have much room from Prima Donnas

But the path to creative success is anything but straight an narrow.

There may not even be a path.

Our only hope is to keep stumbling, and bleed out our flaws, our clumsiness, and our very humanity to others to say:

“This is how I see the world, through the lens of my personal experiences, beliefs, and biology.

Now do you understand?”

Written by

An optimist who writes.

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