Consistency Will Make You Feel Like a Loser

Todd Brison
2 min readApr 26, 2017

Here’s something we need to clear up right off the bat.

Success comes through sustained effort.

(The key word in that sentence is not “effort.” It’s “sustained.”)

When I started writing online in January 2015, I could only squeeze out one miserable post a week. I felt lame. The big boys of the industry were publishing 4 or 5 times in 7 days.

But I had tried that frequency before. All those times, I burnt out.

Once you burn out, it’s over.

You will say:

“I’ll get back to this one day,” and then you never do.

“I just need a break,” but that break stretches on for weeks, months, and years.

So slowly but surely, I wrote. It felt like everyone else was racing by. What I didn’t realize was this: for every week I continued, dozens of other people quit.

For 41 posts, nothing much happened.

The 42nd post changed my life.

Consistency beats talent, good intentions, and — if I’m completely honest — it often beats quality.

When you are consistent, you often win by default.

Kyle, you’ve reminded me of another quote:

“Most people knock on the door of their dreams once, then run away before anyone has a chance to the open the door.

But if you keep knocking, persistently and endlessly, eventually the door will open.”

— Les Brown

Thanks for the reminder,

— TB

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