4 white males stood in the hallway.

Blue shirt — Black pants.
Blue shirt — Black pants.
Blue shirt — Black pants.
Blue shirt — khaki pants.

That last guy was a rebel.

And there I stood, in jeans and a button down, thumbing through Twitter with my Spiderman-cased iPhone.

In a world where everyone wants you to strap in, to straighten up, to clean your act, to play it safe, you have got to decide who you are. America does a great job (for better or worse) of getting everyone to be cookie cutter. We go through standardized tests and certifications and sleepwalk our way through high school. We go into debt for college because it’s the next step.

Those degree factories make sure we’re “well rounded.” Aware of everything, master of nothing. No university has an interest in making you stand out after graduation. They just have to make sure you check the right boxes. That you take the proper steps.

I’m not buying it.

I’m not buying it because it’s the people who stand out that we admire. Did you know LeBron James reportedly sleeps around 12 hours a night? I’m pretty sure Notre Dame didn’t coach him to do that. We can all agree that’s unusual behavior.

But then again, he gets pretty unusual results.

This is bigger than Spiderman phone cases and Baby Boomer tendencies. It’s about finding out what you do best. It’s about finding what makes you you.

Too many times we allow others to define what we should do when what really matters is what we need to do. We allow people to define us through a job title, an introduction, a degree.

But we do not need another one of someone else in the world.

We need you.

When that voice screams in your soul, listen. When your heart cries out for a change, pay attention. When your gut tells you you’re selling out, explore that thought.

Whether you are in corporate America or working on a farm in Smalltown USA, you need to define who you are. Not your mother, not your father, not your girlfriend or boyfriend — you.

Listen to advice, sure. Seek counsel, of course. But for God’s sakes, after all of that -

Dare to be you.

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Written by

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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