This is perfect.

(By the way, I don’t get up early every morning. People who say they do are freaks or aliens or their wives aren’t as pretty as mine is — some mornings are reserved for cuddles)

What matters is margin. Margin in your relationships. Margin in your finances. Margin in your time. Margin in your work.

It doesn’t matter whether you get that margin at 5 A.M. or 11 P.M.

When you have space around the things you “have” to do, life becomes infinitely less stressful. Your choices multiply. Your child-like glee returns.

The ultimate trap is a cage — to be a person who is trapped at a stupid job to pay their stupid student loans for a stupid degree their stupid parents talked them into getting in the first place.

Fear the cage. Embrace the margin.

Thanks Cesar, for giving me a change to expand on this

— TB

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