… may just have to be the title of my next book xD

Really appreciate you taking the time.

I generally (but am fighting this now) spend as much time looking for answers as I actually do deploying those answers.

Worse still, I look for answers I don’t really need yet.

“How do I improve my SEO?”

— Who cares? There’s not enough content on my blog!

“How do I sell more books?”

— Um, maybe we should write one first!

“How do I create and sell a product on Amazon to make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?”

— Who cares? You hate products, you hate shopping, and you’re not that good of a salesman either.

This inner dialog brings me back to the original points of the article:

  • Do what you want to do
  • Do it how you do it best
  • Never mind how things “should” be done.

Thanks for giving me the chance to expand,

— TB

Written by

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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