How Could You *Not* Win?

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Here’s something I realized the other day:

Many people will never make $100,000 on their own because first you have to make $1,000. And “only” making $1,000 hurts.

When was the last time you clicked a headline that read:

Never, that’s when. Who wants to read practical steps to become a thousandaire when instead you could fantasize about getting a private plane?

The problem with success is that steps 1 and 2 are very exciting, but steps 3–4,265 are a terrible imposition.

Then, step 4,266 is AMAZING.

Then, you have another couple thousand steps to go.

Joy is in the process, not the result. This is hard, because that means your results won’t feel as good as you thought. That’s okay, though. Most of those results are glamourous but empty.

Daily improvement transforms a life. Daily improvement pays off a house. Daily improvement is how an average kid from Tennessee reached millions of people online.

(But before that, I reached 23. See? I display the sexy numbers first too.)

Lately, I’ve been reminded life is not so necessarily about finding success. It’s about sacrificing the things which make failure more likely.

I think that’s an important distinction.

More on sacrifice:

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