How Long Does Success Take?

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6 seconds.

That’s how long it took Ruth B to hit it big.

She turned on her camera, recorded what would become the chorus of the smash hit “Lost Boys,” and people went nuts. They demanded she record a full version of the song.

She posted the whole thing on YouTube, where it went viral. Then it started getting picked up by local radio stations. Then it started getting picked up by national radio stations.

And as she was being interviewed by one of the country’s top morning shows, she said “it’s crazy how you can make a career in 6 seconds.”

Ruth B was a nobody from nowhere who gained a massive following, mad amounts of fame, and likely plenty of money from just a few seconds’ worth of effort.

At 20, she’s earned the new American dream.

Except that’s not how the story happened at all.

Here’s how it really happened:

She “made a career” when she devoted hours and days and months and years to learning how to play an instrument.

She “made a career” when she dropped out of school to focus on music.

She “made a career” when she made the mental shift it takes to sing on social media when you know your friends might laugh at you.

She “made a career” when she was gathering the followers necessary to even create virality in the first place. She earned their hearts one by one by one by one.

She “made a career” when she, instead of hiding from the expectations which come with a viral video, stepped into the limelight and owned it.

Oh and by the way, her Vine of the song you’re hearing on the radio in 2016 was posted in 2014, meaning she had to keep “making her career” for 2 YEARS, wondering, waiting, and hoping the song she and everyone else seemed to love so much would make a difference.

I guess it finally did.

Reminder: careers are made when nobody is looking.

(And just because I love this song, here’s this)

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