How to Create Exponential Growth Around Your Work

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Okay, I’m going to break the rules again:

I’m going to do that thing where I tell you the answer right away so you can read two sentences and go about your day.


The way to create exponential growth is to be consistent.

Now, go away, be consistent at what you want to do for 2 years, then come back and tell me thank you.

I’m winning the Medium algorithm game and I have no idea how it works. People are joining the platform and seeing things I wrote 6 months ago.

I worry that writers today are too worried about how they are going to make an impact. The world is so big, the market is so crowded, and the competition has never been stronger.

Consistency beats everything.

At the start of next month, let’s pretend 100 people say they will write a novel. By January 15, 62 of them will be give up. By the 22nd, 19 more of them will be pulled away by other “life” things. And then at the end of the month, 6 more will claim it’s impossible to get attention on the Internet now because the market is flooded.

Consistency makes you a winner by default.

For every step you take, you separate yourself from other would-be artists. For every day you drag your lizard brain to the canvas, you take a step forward. For every week you continue in your hardheadedness, you build a career nobody else dreamed of.

Then you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

It may not be tomorrow. It may not be next month. It may not even be this year, but eventually the tidal wave of effort will cap.

This process is not a fluke. It’s the new world. If you do an insane amount of work for free and then “all of a sudden” you will find success.

Consistency beats SEO. It beats algorithms.

If I can be completely transparent with you, consistency also beats talent.

Well, I’m assuming it does. After all, I’m here.

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— TB

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An optimist who writes.

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