How to Get Your Boss to Accept Your Creative Ideas

“Oh, I see,” he said. “You think people just get sick randomly.”

I know who was awake at three in the morning. I know who is eating lousy food. I know who is choosing to live in a sloppy environment. I know who has bad influences around them. I know whose mother still treats them like a baby.”

“When you signed up to this group, you made a commitment to be here. That means every choice you make outside this room should set you up TO BE HERE.”

#1 Have a job that allows for creativity

“If the voice inside you is telling you it can do better, it’s probably right.”

#2 Bring in coffee for everyone when you are running a little late

#3 Do not become abstract

#4 Ask about their day

#5 Use the “trial run technique”

“Don’t take my word for it. Just take this little guy around for an afternoon.”

“If it doesn’t work, we can go back to the old way.”

#6 Do the stupid grunt work which is beneath you

#7 Disagree with your boss

“I understand what you are saying, but I still have a different opinion.”

#8 Accept Feedback well

#9 Keep delivering

#10 Fight to see her vision, not the other way around

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