How to Stay Creative in a Sea of Corporate Boredom

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First, try this, right now:

“Oh, I’m not creative,” said my intern as she swiftly built an eCourse from scratch.

“I wish I was creative!” said one of my friends sitting around a pile of things she sewed that morning.

“You, Todd, you’re creative,” said a cousin who is the best gift giver I’ve ever met.

A) Quit trying to fit in

“Hey I have all these new ideas!”

“Ooh, that’s not really how we do things here”

“Oh, okay.”

“Let’s just try it and see if it works. We can always switch back if it doesn’t.”

B) Always be looking out for problems

C) Bring solutions to those problems

D) Find ways to grab people’s emotions

“Do you see?” she asked them. “Do you see your reaction to color?”

E) Learn everything

F) Stay healthy

G) Experiment

H) Start Micro Journaling

The final secret…

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An optimist who writes.

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