I Spent an Hour Writing One Email and This is What It Said

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Okay, so it only took me 10 seconds to write the core message. Since people have feelings, the other 59:50 were applying tact.

I can be blunt with you though and remove the padding. You can take it:








You know your thing inside and out. Your closest friends and family may respect that nuance — 3 to 6 people maximum.

That means there are (at least) another 6,999,999,994 people on the planet who do not appreciate your efforts. Probably 1.2 billion of those are kids so we can ignore them, but the rest of those people are moving at light speed. What would they possibly pay attention to which they don’t care about?

Corporate folks think they are exempt from this. A warped assumption exists in which people “should” care because it’s their job. The opposite is true. When I am at work, I am in work mode. You’ll have try TWICE as hard to get my attention.

Luckily, focusing on one particular area of your message will separate you from 99% of other garbage:

A short, clear definition of who you are or what you’re doing

For fun, let’s take a look for people who are nailing this. I won’t even show you who owns each site. Why? Because you’ll be able to guess what they do without the brand recognition.

Exhibit A:

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Exhibit B:

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Exhibit C:

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Exhibit D:

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In 0.0003 seconds, I know if I should spend even another 1.4 seconds looking at you. Am I in or out? If I can’t decide, I will stop caring by default.

It’s worth mentioning the length of the definitions above:

  • Exhibit A (Evernote): 2 words
  • Exhibit B (Convert Kit): 5 words
  • Exhibit C (Michael Hyatt): 9 words
  • Exhibit D (Daily Page): 10 words [Getting a little long here, DP!]

Sometimes I ask people to explain their novel to me:

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain.”

WRONG answer.

Nobody has time for “hard to explain.” We have time for concise, clear communication.

Otherwise, don’t bother.

Never write a bad definition again.

One of the secrets to writing a good definition is getting all the BAD definitions out in the open. That’s a big key for me to create infinite ideas.

I’ve put the rest of my keys in a free book — The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Ideas.

Download your copy right here

— TB

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An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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