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At a detriment to my website,

or my social media presence,

or my free time,

or my sleep,

or my comfort,

or my interest,

At the cost of all these things, I will write.

Because I realize, now, that I wrote my way here. I did not market my way here. I did not think my way here. I did not strategize my way here.

I wrote my way here.

Even if there are times where I think it might be more beneficial to my career to do things other than write, this time is the linchpin. This is the cornerstone to everything I do. If I do not write, I cannot do anything else. I will not want to do anything else.

I bleed from my veins onto my keyboard every single day because I don’t want you to get a packaged version of my life. I want you to get honesty. You deserve honesty from me.

When I started this whole thing in January 2015, I thought networking with the right person would catapult my career. Now, I’ve pretty much decided to ignore all of that and go into my writing. Since them, I’ve met:

  • An Olympic athlete,
  • Speakers from all corners of the globe,
  • Students who want to improve their writing,
  • An 80-year old who is not giving up on her writing dream
  • An anchor for CNBC
  • An editor for CNBC (seperately)
  • A developer for writing software he asked me to demo,
  • Nearly everyone who is earning their fame on this platform
  • Jeff Goins’ operations manager.

Could I be exponentially more popular if I wanted to meet more people who introduced me to their people, but instead I’m going to count on my craft to get me where I need to be.

I wrote my way here.

And I’m going to write my way wherever I go next.

— TB

Written by

An optimist who writes.

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