Insecurity seems to be a driving force between all shiny people.

I’m going to include myself in this response because I am this person from time to time. Do I not pretend I know what I’m taking about whenever the discussion changes to foreign policies? Do I not nod along knowingly whenever people talk about wine, even though the depth of my knowledge is pretty much red or white?

The ideal pursuit is the pursuit of transparency. I’ve learned a whole lot more in life when I’ve asked “what do you mean by____?

Your friend seemed afraid people would know the real him, but you know what’s ironic? People always like real people better than fake ones. Always.

Transparency, transparency, transparency. To your boss, to your friends, to your significant others. And it’s hard sometimes. It’s hard to be a real person instead of a “smart” or “cool” one.

But security in self is so freeing, it’s worth the effort.

Thanks so much for giving me the chance to expand, Alden. I appreciate your thoughts and your reading the post!


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