It IS significant,

but not intentional.

One of the crazy things about writing on the Internet is at any moment, you could be exposed to tens of thousands of people, all with different opinions and perspectives.

I honestly didn’t notice the pattern of men until the responses (like yours) started rolling in. Honestly, it scared me. How could I have been that one-dimensional?

As for the poetry and fiction, I 100% agree with you. I try to make it a habit of getting in fiction work as well (usually at night). I’m a big fan of Henry David Thoreau, as well as Dorothy Parker.

Ronald, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you when this post was at its peak, but I would love to hear any recommendations you have on what to read next.

Oh, and thank you for the respect with which you handled your observation. Others are not so kind.


Written by

An optimist who writes.

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