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Okay Medium family, here’s the deal.

I love what Medium does for me — the simplicity of blogging without the headache. I love how it connects me to so many more people I would have never met otherwise. I love to respond to people who give thoughtful additions to my posts.

But I hate how those responses look in my timeline. In order to see past the last post I’ve published, you’d have to scroll down a LONG way:

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Since you’ve come here and clicked this, you’re most likely just discovering me. In order to save your index fingers a little, you’ll find my entire Medium library below (responses, highlights, and all other silliness excluded).

Happy Reading :)

— TB

Your Complete Snapchat Playbook

First, read this. If you’re not on Snapchat yet, what are you waiting for???

If you’re already into Snapchat, how would you feel about your own custom Geofilter?

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The Teacher, the Engineer and the Mad Scientist

She was always going to be a teacher.

Her understated glasses framed her plain face which was surrounded by…
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The Problem With Quitting Your Job

(This is an excerpt from my upcoming book: The Creative’s Curse.)

Most people, at some point, will try and convince you to take what you’ve learned and soar. They’ll say you should…
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The Comparison Virus

I muttered to myself and stared at the page. Three?? This guy had three of the top five stories in the world?

I rushed to check his profile…

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Artist vs. Businessman

The similarities may surprise you:

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6 Ways to Recover From an Unproductive Day

I know you’ve been here before.

You wade through email and people and meetings.

You struggle with...
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Fewer Jobs. More Hobbies.

I read one of those articles the other day. You know, the “143X your productivity” types.

Among other things, it said…

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Stay Away From This Person

I once worked with somebody who looked really good on paper.

Her designs were incredible.

She’d spend hours getting …

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What Should Snapchat Do Next?

With Snapchat rolling out On-Demand Geofilters (which is a phenomenal move by the way), they shown just how far…
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Do You Know This Girl?

She is your average follower.

She pops in and out of your work whenever you cross her feed.

She sees…

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The Third Piece of the Puzzle

He’d just sold the company for $26 million.

13 years after he arrived in Nashville, 13 years after managing a technology nobody else wanted to deal with, 13 years after …

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3 Excuse Cards Creative Professionals Should Remove From Their Deck Today

Let’s get this out on the table: Creatives have a reputation for…

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Waste Less Time By Improving this Characteristic

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

Friend: “What do you want to do?”

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Evil Genius Tricks to Get More Attention for Your Work Online

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered if you have to cheat to get ahead.

You’ve probably wondered…
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Want to Win on Snapchat? Try These Three Things

So here’s the deal, Medium friends. Snapchat is exploding right now. BUT, with any bubble, there is bound to be a burst.

I’m already starting to…

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6 Methods to Improve Your Creativity

“If you aren’t coming up with ideas — for yourself, for your job, for the world — you are behind the curve.”

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5 Five-Minute Habits to Try Today

“At the end of the day, what you will have accomplished is nothing more or less than a combination of your habits, your abilities, and your emotions.”

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I honestly cannot believe you’re at the bottom of this page. You are my new favorite person. Any recommend helps more people find this post and see what I have to offer.

If you’re hungry for more, of course, check out

And as always — thank you, thank you, thank you.

Much love,

— TB

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