My Thoughts on Medium Series So Far

(As well as the biggest mistake I see people making)

A few notes on the video:

  • I goofed when I said “less chunks and more updates” but I meant “SMALLER chunks with more updates” will be more effective.
  • I lied when I said “I don’t have time to type anything out”… then wrote like 400 words of notes.
  • Applause is fun. Don’t tell anyone, but I clap for my own stuff every once in a while. Not a lot, but I’ll seed the tip jar ;)
  • I am not a space alien. But the weird wobble is better than the shaking camera :)
  • Biggest mistake people make: Just reformatting a post instead of taking the opportunity to stretch out a series. I still think people should be thinking of projects which could take MONTHS and YEARS instead of the flash in the pan posts.

Other things I’d love to see in the future:

  • Linking between cards — My series on how to go viral on Quora is already getting pretty massive, and I’d love a way to remind people of something I may have published 3 weeks ago in the same series. Could also use this function to produce a table of contents so “retired” Series are still useful.
  • Exporting a Series — Some people are going to mess around and write a whole book via Series. It’ll be nice to pop that content right back out in the future instead of having to copy it over.
  • Better integration of Series into the main feed — If I’m on mobile, I want to be just as likely to stumble upon a good Series as a good post.
  • Multiple editors — This is more of a “nice to have.” In Humans of Medium, people submit pictures to me from all over the world and I republish the most interesting stuff. Right now, this is a cumbersome process.
  • Audio — What if I could narrate the photos you have to tilt around to see?… “If you look in the back corner, you’ll see my cousin Dakota wearing wolverine claws.”

And one thing I DON’T really care if I see or not

  • Video — This probably seems hypocritical considering the opening of my answer here. Maybe I’m just being a purist, but I believe most people come to Medium to read. I’d like to see that continue.

(This is a reply to Meg’s post: “Let’s Talk About Medium Series.”)

— TB

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An optimist who writes.

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