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I’ve been on the NaNoWriMo hashtag every hour through this month. It’s been some of the most fulfilling time I’ve ever spent on the Internet:

Occasionally, I will find a person who is behind, and is clearly in need of some encouragement.

So I go all in — clap emojis, exclamation marks, the whole nine. Sometimes I get a “Thanks!” sometimes an “I got this,” and sometimes no response at all. None of those things bother me.

Really, there is only one incorrect response to this praise:

“Oh, I haven’t been able to stay on pace because [insert problems here].”

If you are explaining to me, a stranger on the internet, all the reasons why you haven’t been able to reach a goal nobody forced upon you, you have already lost.

You get no easy outs in November.

You get no excuses.

You get to write.

Initially I planned on doing a Medium post that corresponds to each video, but doing 30 daily videos is enough work on its own! To make sure you don’t miss any, find me on YouTube or follow me on Twitter.

Much love as always,

— TB

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An optimist who writes.

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