One Thing All Creative People Should Seek More of in 2019

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Let me tell you about the visions I have while taking my baths.

These are visions of victory. Visions of Kate. Visions of joy.

Never visions of failure.

I find most people rarely envision failure for themselves. Given time alone everyone will be rich. Everyone will be famous. Everyone will be happy.

(This last item is most elusive)

Left alone with our thoughts and imaginations, you dream of your greatest self. You have permission to do this when nobody is looking. My guess is that you didn’t imagine 2019 and think:

“I desire to do exactly the same or worse with my life than in years previous.”

But let me tell you what happens after The Bath.

My candle is extinguished and the bubbles are drained and the rubber duck is back on the shelf. I am in my robe and now the laundry needs to be switched out and I forgot to wash that skillet and Kate wants to remind me of some chore that is critical to our remaining in our house or whatever. Ugh, there’s a little dirt on the floor, actually, and the we will have to watch the nephews tomorrow and should we take them to the dump with us since I have to do that chore or just run around the house with them? And the gas bill is due the 6th of this month and did I submit our payment to the credit card and —

The low hum of noise I had grown accustomed to comes rushing back. My ideas, once sharp and clear in the privacy of the dim light, now fade to an fuzzy and disjointed splatter of neurons.

I keep maybe 1% of the insight I had among the steam.

I don’t know what your plans are this year, but I hope they include solitude.

Without it, you will be swept away in the noise.

Much love as always ❤️

— Todd B

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