Here is why this myth is so dangerous:

In my experience, anyone who knows exactly what is expected of them will be able to accomplish that task.

There’s a reason most people rise to the occasion when faced with an exceptionally difficult challenge — they know excactly what is expected of them and devote all their time, energy, focus and effort to making that goal a reality.

However, when faced with myths like

“you can make money online blogging in no time,” and

“all you have to do to build a following is create good content,” and

“college is always a good idea,”

people get frustrated when things do not go how they expect.

I hate when I hear things like “Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay for Rocky in three days” (which is true) because it makes people forget the days and years of work put into building his physique in the first place, learning how to write, and then schlepping his script from producer to producer trying to sell it, all while scraping quarters together for meals.

Exceptional results always require exceptional effort.


Thanks for giving me a chance to expand on this, Marilyn :)

— TB

Written by

An optimist who writes.

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