Todd Brison

Jan 19, 2017

2 min read

Read This If You Have Ever Doubted Your Abilities

“An artist must follow her heart, even if she is completely wrong.”

— Maestro Rodrigo (Mozart in the Jungle)

There is a scene in La La Land where Ryan Gosling’s character does something bad.

Under the eye of his ruler, he sits ready to work. He what he is supposed to do. The rules have been laid by the establishment — “play the right notes or else.”

You know the feeling. You have been there yourself.

Sebastian knows the proper path, yet…

When the time comes, his fingers act on their own accord. They find a cadence, not one that is planned, but a spontaneous melody, a combination of what is mixed with what could be.

The hands melt off the face of the clock. The crowd dissipates into nothing. Words have no meaning. Time has no meaning. Each stroke happens in an instant and a lifetime.

Who knows what will happen next? Ecstasy? Grief? Heartbreak? Madness? Greatness?

Nobody knows. Least of all the artist himself.

How often do you let go?

I don’t mean “how often do you have an extra slice of cheese?”

I mean “how often do you do these things:”

Speak — without doubt.

Give— without agenda.

Love — without expectation.

Create— without calculation.

Trust — without hesitation.

Life is best when improvised. Of course it is. What if you knew every event coming your way tomorrow? Would you enjoy that day at all? Maybe once.

Every day I write for 10 minutes with my monitor off. Why? Because you don’t need your brain to be your best self. You need your heart and your soul and your instincts. You can’t steer those.

All you can do is turn them loose.

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