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“So you were how old when all this happened?”

In a cozy coffee shop in the heart of downtown Nashville, I stared at my new friend in disbelief. He’d tricked me. When I got his email, the request was “will you teach me what you know about _____”

  • to Transhumanism (“If Elon Musk is on board, so am I”),
  • to the billion-dollar salesman (which is apparently a thing).

a) Gusto

Gusto — enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest

This word is my second-favorite gift from the Italians (pizza is first). Talent is fine, but gusto is a multiplier. If success is a formula, it probably looks something like this:

b) Looks

Nobody in the coffee shop would have been able to guess my friend’s age. Why? His image was immaculate.

c) Charisma

Or at the very least, conversational competence.

  • Nod
  • Listen*
  • Buy the coffee/lunch/drink**
  • Show appreciation***
  • Practice all these things

d) Encyclopedia Brown

is a fictional child detective.

e) Domain Knowledge

Memorizing the names and dates when your favorite companies were created makes you look good in conversation. Being able to recall the formulas or studies which defined your industry is also nice.

f) Sacrifice

Not: “quit doing all the dumb stuff.”

g) A support system

On Tuesday night, I meet with 3 other guys. We wear grungy T-shirts and sit around in poor lighting talking with each other on a video call.

h) Confidence

As soon as the red light turns on, I can see her knees lock.

i) Network

Not exactly your support system.

j) Desire

Not exactly gusto.

k) Singleness of Purpose

At any given moment, you know exactly where you are moving in a certain direction. That’s how you know what to do with those 30 seconds you are rescuing.

l) Creating new things

Anyone can be a critic. If you don’t believe me, check what you do the next time you’re watching previews before the film starts.

How to create new things

At some point, I decided new ideas were the key to better health, more money, more growth, and more happiness.

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An optimist who writes.

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