I had trouble reading this response.

Most of that trouble came because I realized how right you are.

I obviously don’t mean to glorify Jared, just the team who got the idea moving forward. As it turns out, there are hundreds of other stories I could have (and should have) told. I’ve removed the reference from the story and replaced it with another one I read about recently. Thank you for keeping me straight. I really am sorry.

The comments about zombies is fair — I’m being intentionally dramatic there.

However, I don’t think figuring out how to package your ideas is a cynical way to live. Most of us will find ourselves pitching something we care about to someone we don’t know, who isn’t attached to the idea, and probably doesn’t care about what we have to say.

I know people get frustrated wondering why they have good ideas which don’t stick. It’s not necessarily about working with people we hate, but about convincing people who have no stake in our idea to realize why they should care. (Think: every non-profit)

Again, appreciate the feedback.

— TB

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