Why are we so afraid of change?

I have two theories.

The first is that cavemen were once terrified by a wild-eyed man in a Delorean. So strong was the resulting jolt of fear, we still have a genetic inclination to avoid anything we’ve never seen before, especially if it has a big white head of hair.

The second (probably more realistic) theory has nothing to do with time travel and everything to do something much more deadly.


Every time a change comes about, we resist it, forgetting something had to change in the first place to get us where we are now. And what makes us resist that change?The same principle that causes women to stay in relationships with abusive men causes us to fear a job change, a re-organization, or a new technology.

Comfort gives us some level of control. Even if it’s a horrible situation, it’s your horrible situation.

Comfort is the enemy. It’s the voice telling you change isn't worth it, telling you you’d fail anyway.

But in order to be good at anything, you have to be total crap at it first.

How did you learn to walk? If you are like most humans, everyone laughed at you bobbling around like a tiny, drunken human until you got the hang of it.

Immediately after you learned all the essentials though, you were bombarded with rules and boxes and “play it safe” mentality.

You were told to learn a trade and stick with it. You were told to pick a job because it makes money.

You can choose to believe that dogma.


You can keep the heart of a child.

You can leave your pride behind.

You can realize “job security” is a myth.

You can learn more, dream bigger, and go further than anyone thought you could.

You can choose to change.

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Written by

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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