Staying Entertained and Being a “Multipotentialite”

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These filters have absolutely nothing to do with my “job” and everything to do with my life quality.

My biggest takeaway from this article has been the conversation which has come from it.

This isn’t my most recommended or most shared post… not by a long shot. In fact, it’s been one of the weaker stat grabbers of the year.

Luckily I’m about making a difference in people’s lives, not about filling up my ego.

I love what James Altucher says about this subject — that life rewards people who have of talent: Not everyone’s path has to be 10,000 hours of something. It can be a mix and match game.

I learn a lot from other people’s experiences, not just theory, so here’s a direct example of how toying around with different talents is working in my life:

  • I love Snapchat (A LOT)
  • I work full time as an elearning designer. Not great at design, but have gotten better over the last 2 years
  • I also adore making lists

So whenever Snapchat announced a month ago they were releasing the option to create custom geofilters, I immediately made a list of local businesses and people I thought could benefit from it. Then I mocked up draft snapchat filters for all of them.

All of this happened in a day.

Since then I’ve gotten to demo my drafts (you can see the rest of them here) live with customers and Snapchat. I did them all pro-bono, but I can afford to wait for the revenue to catch up because of the full-time gig. Which is why I will never resent my full time j-o-b.

And every time I get better. I learn more. I grow. I add another skill to my tool belt.

The best “careers” are never a series of jobs. They are a series of skills deployed against whatever the task of the moment is.

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