Stock Your Library This Christmas! (25-Book Giveaway)

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Yes, I did buy a Santa hat just for this occasion.

Okay, I really want you to get the free stuff and figure out how to win a whole lot of books, but FIRST — I have to tell you something embarrassing about my family.

When I was younger, all the cousins would get together for gifts. One of my aunts always gathered us up and took us to the movies. Another would load us up with the latest toy. Still another handed out my personal favorite — cold, hard cash.

Do you know what my parents gave everyone?


See, my parents believed — ignoring all the hype of the latest gadget or fad — books were a gift that would really improve your life. They believed books had the power to change you, the power to grow you, the power to inspire you.

Today, mom and dad will be proud of me.

Not only will I be giving away some of my best work of 2016 in a new eBook on this page, I’m also running a MASSIVE book giveaway for 1 lucky winner. You can get a chance to win around $300 worth of books at NO cost to you. This giveaway includes 25 books like:

  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Some of these books will be hard copies. Some of them will be digital.

All of them will be awesome.

This contest will ONLY run until the 20th of December, so if you want a chance for an epic Christmas gift, now is the time to take action.

For each step you take on this page, you increase your chances of winning. Ready for your ticket into the drawing?

Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet

That’s it.

That’s literally it.

BUT (and you knew there was going to be a “but” ;)

You can double your chances in the drawing with just a couple more steps.

How to Double Your Chances

If you’ve done that, you’re in. You have as good a chance as anyone to rack up on this huge list. BUT, if you want to get a little competitive edge, now is the time.

FIRST, hit that unnecessarily large button below to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve got big things coming there in 2017, and I don’t want you to miss them.

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SECOND, subscribe to my email list.

As soon as you subscribe, you’ll get the free eBook I talked about at the top of the page as well as an entry into the massive book giveaway. (Spoiler Alert: You might find a few more goodies on the other side of that subscription as well)

This eBook is my proven path for continuing to come up with fresh ideas, even after 8 years of consistently writing. The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Ideas is a three-step framework which will help you be more creative, finish more projects, and change more lives.

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*You can read it on any device, not just an iPad*

Whew! Okay, so there’s how you enter. Now, you probably want know what you could get! These books are a mix of nonfiction and fiction, digital and hard copy. All the books below mean something to me on some level, and I know you will benefit from them.

If you care to take a deeper look at the entries, I’ve linked to each book.

Ready? Deep breath, and…

  1. You Are a Writer — Jeff Goins

* = Book will be delivered via electronic copy

And that’s it! If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me — Todd (at) toddbrison (dot) com.

Best of luck, and Merry Christmas!

Much love as always,

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