The 2 Attributes Needed to Get Anything You Want

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Here’s one thing I hate about the Internet:

Success is often made too complicated.

I see a post — 13 Steps to Financial Success! — it’s 2,500 words long. Great. But what can I do now? How can I start today?

More to the point, is financial success really that convoluted?

Unfortunately, this artificial lengthening of work is a planned move for some. Under the guise of “giving you all their secrets,” a business person will pour information out you like fire hose, creating an impossible maze of half-finished guidance. You are intentionally flooded to increase the likelihood you will give up and buy whatever this person is wanting you to buy in the first place.

Unnecessary is the word. Unnecessary long form content simply because long form content works to sell. Ugh.

I like simple things. One step. Two steps. Simple. Actionable. Memorable.

Like this.

Here are the two attributes involved in any amount of fulfillment or success I have ever enjoyed:

1) Awareness

This is not to be overlooked. I recently took a trip to my college campus and remembered at time where I had no clue what I wanted. Any old career would have done, so long as it paid the bills.

Along the way, I never stopped to ask who I was, what my genetics predisposed me to, or what my unique talents might be. Without awareness, there is only blind hustle. Blind hustle is fruitless.

“Todd, I don’t know what I am good at.”

Sure you do. You just forgot because you have been taught to blend in. But more on that in a minute.

For now, here are some tactics to discover your unique talents:

  • Carve out free time specifically for this task: If you don’t have free time, wake up 15 minutes earlier one day a week and do it then.
  • Micro Journaling: Every day, write the date, 10+ things you enjoy doing, and one thing you are grateful for.
  • The 30 x 30 x 30 Rule:
    > Do 30 seconds more of what you love (use your instincts).
    > Test what you may be good at for 30 days (use your spare time).
    > Plan for a possible 30-year career in this field (use your vision).
  • Reflect on your past: Not to get stuck, but to understand what you might be good at. Use your instincts. Write down potential breakthroughs.
  • Review your list of role models: The people you admire often reveal your true interests.
  • Other kinds of journaling: Ben Hardy recently wrote this massive post on journaling benefits. It’s worth a read.

You have forgotten your greatness because you have internalized it. After all, the things you do best often disappear into your consciousness. You don’t have to think much at all when you are doing them.

I’m betting your deepest desires have floated to the top of your head.


Don’t ask “How?” The time for plans is later. The time for realization is now.

If you are a fashion designer in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska, awesome. If you love to code but are stuck in a rural town, allow yourself to be that. Dreams cost nothing.

Then, move on to the more important, but also more difficult part:

2) Audacity

I have a friend, Bob. Bob knows everything about music. He hears a song playing on the radio and can tell you the artist, the record label who produced it, when it was released, and how much the vinyl album is selling for online.

Sadly, Bob’s career does not involve any of these elements. He is forced to squeeze that passion in the margins of his already crammed-full life, between a 2.5 hour commute, children, a 40-hour-a-week job, and other various obligations.

Honestly, it might be too late for Bob. He might be in too deep to change course now. He never believed a music was in the cards for him.

You deserve to chase your gift.

Easy for me to say. I know it is. We have a load of cultural messages telling us to blend in. Our schooling trained us to do what you are told. Our advisers and parents probably always discussed fixing weaknesses (as opposed to leveraging strengths).

I can only pray you find a bit of truth in that sentence — you deserve it — because you do. With every breath you take from this moment on, allow that sentiment to fill you.

You deserve it.

You deserve it.

You deserve it.

What matters is not what the rest of the world thinks you should do.

What matters is what you know you must do.

The time is now.

What’s next?

Armed with awareness and audacity, there is one thing which will apply gasoline to your fire and move you in the direction of your goals:

New ideas.

Ideas I made up my head have literally changed my life. They have transformed my income, my relationship, and my career.

I’ve captured my idea process in a free book — The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Ideas — which I’m giving away for an email address.

Get your copy now

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