One life here for sale!
I’ll take the highest bidder
There’s good years in this body
And I’m not a quitter

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12 dollars an hour!
Thank you, sir, in the blue
Give me all your commands
To your will, I’ll be true

Hey, right there’s $14.50!
From the woman in pink
For that I’ll sweep floors
Or clean up your sink

$20 dollars with days off?
Why tickle me yellow
My aunt has been begging
I stop and say hello

Salary’s on the table!
That red tie is the winner
Don’t worry dear, most nights
I’ll be home for dinner

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Formalities reign
As the paper swaps hands
And I think “What a deal!
Glad I sold to this man”

I’ll climb and I’ll soar
My career like a rocket
I’ll do it for food
And a phone in my pocket

I’ll leave notes to my sons
And my wife too, you see
I just can’t be around
It’s fair, though, they bought me

They grow up so fast,
Do these children of mine
Both with their degrees now
And they’ll sell just fine

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Days go by quickly
They’re worth more than dollars
But they swim by in rivers
Or in my dog’s collar

And I’m not sure who owns me
No I’m not sure at all
Is it the man in the red tie?
Or the name on the wall?

Funny how there aren't prices
On my girl’s ruby smile
Or the laugh of my granddad
He’s been gone for a while

What I’d give for a minute
With my best friend and brother
We once had the best moments
One man to another

It’s the end of my time here
(I’ve at last got some margin)
He who purchased my life
Went away with a bargain

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It would mean the world to me if you would share this with someone who needs a reminder — life isn’t just about money.

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