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Blue lights flashed off the back of a minivan.

As I drove by, I didn't see an irritated driver. The dude didn’t look sad, he didn’t look angry.

In a world where we have feet of snow creating a winter wonderland up north, he was bored.

In a world where we can literally listen to any song he ever dreamed of from anywhere for free, he was bored.

In a world where we can call anyone in the world on a magical square in our pocket which works off chunks of metal hanging in the sky, he was bored.

But I get it. We all go there some days. In a time where everything is easy, everything gets taken for granted. I’d be lying if I said I never complained about a text taking too long to send, or a movie taking too long to load.

Boredom is the biggest trap facing this generation. Once we get into the adulthood and take care of Maslow’s bottom three layers of the needs pyramid, most of us stop right there, unsure of how to proceed or too afraid to do so. Instead, having everything we need, our lives get dedicated to things we want. The problem there is, most of the things we want are shallow, self-centered, or downright stupid. They give us a kick of purpose, but it never lasts. Those new things get boring too.

Make no mistake, although it speaks softly and reeks of comfort, boredom is the devil. Boredom is the mind-killer. I don’t have any statistics on this, but I’m convinced the reason a lot of people cheat on their romantic partner is because they are BORED.

And it’s so easy to do. After I got married, I realized the effort it takes to stop watching Netflix and actually go talk to people somehow became almost overwhelming.

When I look back on my life, I want it to be filled with a wide range of good things — with new experiences and stories and people (even if Netflix is thrown in sometimes ;)

It’s time to quit seeking comfort and start down the path of truly fulfilling, world-changing, life-altering work and play. It’s time to travel. It’s time to revel in the fact that we live in the greatest generation in the greatest country with the greatest gadgets in the world.

It’s time to stand up, kick boredom in the teeth, and do something worth doing.

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An optimist who writes.

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