The First and Last Day of Your Life

At the end of the movie Boyhood (which you should watch, by the way), there is a conversation between the main character and a girl he’s just met at school:

Girl: “You know how everyone’s always saying ‘seize the moment?’”

Boy: *nods*

Girl: “I’m kinda thinkin’ it’s the other way around… You know, like the moment seizes you.”

Boy: “Yeah… Yeah I know… It’s constant, the moments. It’s like always right now, you know?”

(Emphasis added)

This one conversation puts a poignant point on the human condition. It captures our existence in just a few lines.

Because it is always right now. It’s right now right now, actually.

Imagine something for me. Imagine it’s the first day of your life.

No, not in some freaky, science-fiction movie sort of way. You’re not a baby or anything. you’re the same age you are now. In fact, you are exactly you now, but with almost no connection to the past versions of you.

You are given 4 things:

The money you have now

An inherent love for the people in your life

Your abilities and knowledge

Your interests and passions

What will you do in this one single day? Will you take care of your money, knowing someone who comes after you will benefit from it? Will you tell those in your life how you feel about them, with the knowledge this is your last day with them?

And what about those abilities and passions? How would you care for your charities if this was the last chance you ever had to donate your time? Who could benefit from your giving?

This is the world we live in.

Every time you wake up, you have a chance to hit the reset button. There is only the money you have, the people you love, your abilities and passions.

This one day is all you have. You cannot live in tomorrow. You cannot live in last week. You can only live right now. 24 hours is all you get with this exact set of energy, emotion, people, interests and money.

How could we be so brainwashed to think nobody cares about us, or that our dreams aren't worth dreaming? How could we be so foolish as to think time is ours to waste, though it drips away even as you read these words?

Each day, each hour, each minute is precious.

You will never get a chance to live this day over again. Never.

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An optimist who writes.

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