The One Thing Your Boss *Actually* Cares About

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Great news! I just talked with your boss. Let me tell you some things she couldn’t care less about:

She doesn’t care if you use Premier Pro or After Effects or Final Cut Pro X.

She doesn’t care if you got the sound effects from Epidemic Sound or FreeSound or if you recorded them with a pair of coconuts Monty Python style.

She doesn’t care if your inspiration for the event poster came from a 1950s advert or a website you saw last week.

She doesn’t care if that sweet glitch effect at 0:35 is a $14 template from Envato or if you painstakingly adjusted the fractal noise and displacement map frame by frame.

She doesn’t care if you have your PhD in communication or if you took a 12-week course on Udemy.

Can you make what is needed?

Can you make your idea real with the money we have?

Can you make it fit the vision we worked for years to refine?

Can you make an audience member (/customer) feel something?

Can you make our clients (/customers) want to use us again?

Can you make our desired results manifest in reality?

Can you make something from nothing?

Can you make it work?

Much love as always ❤

— Todd B

PS — I just released a new workbook called The Corporate Survival Guide Workbook to help people thrive in their “real jobs.” It’s free for the price of an email address.

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