The point of this article was really two fold:

  1. To remind myself (and others) that some people are simply meant to be multi-talented and multi-interested. Who cares if you don’t have a “traditional” career? People who can come in with a fresh set of eyes and bring legitimate passion and critical thinking to a project will always be needed
  2. To give practical thoughts around how exactly to go about that life. “Okay so I’m multi-talented… now what?”
    I’m starting to wonder if selling isn’t the most useful skill for a person like this to have… if you can sell your product/service/couch/hair/ideas/whatever directly to a customer, what’s the point in meticulously crafting a resume that shows how your experience directly ties to this arbitrary position which may or may not actually interest you?

It could be the ideal state is this:

  • Do things which keep you entertained
  • Figure out how to pay the bills with that (or not)
  • Repeat forever

Thanks for the encouragement as usual, Beth


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An optimist who writes.

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