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You have 24 hours.

No matter how many books you’ve written (or haven’t), no matter how big your dreams are (or aren’t), no matter how much “potential” you have (or don’t) — you have 24 hours.

You probably feel very average right now.

That’s okay. I’m average too. We’re all average. Well, except Elon Musk, maybe, but we don’t talk about that guy.

It’s December. How did that happen? Do you remember January? Wasn’t that a week ago? Do you remember what you planned to do and be in 2016?

You have 24 hours.

Today’s 24 hours will move faster than yesterday’s. Tomorrow’s 24 hours will go faster still. I graduated college, went to sleep, and then woke up the next day to my 3 year anniversary with a company I swore I’d only be at for a few weeks.

I blinked and cancer claimed a child. Twice, and my great grandmother died. I blinked once more and a 26-year old had a heart attack.

Now, I am afraid to blink. My eyes are open.

Can you do something for me? Today, just today, act like you are going to die tomorrow. All your worldly goods — gone. All your hopes and dreams — gone. All your chances to tell people how you feel about them — gone.

No more “I’ll do it later.” No more “someday.” No more “when I’m ready.”

Do you think you’ll get another chance to live this day? You won’t. It will slip away, like all the others, as a passing moment, a mere breath in the lungs of life.

In. Out. Gone. Forgotten.

We need your urgency. We need your passion. We need your heart, soul and guts. We need your effort. We need it now.

You have 24 hours.

Tick tock.

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An optimist who writes.

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