What They Don’t Tell You in College:

The world is much, much, much bigger than you think it is.

Up until graduation, I honestly thought there were about 3 careers for a writer:

· Novel Writer

· Journalist

· PR Release person

That was seriously it.

What I’ve learned now is that there are a million careers you never even think of while you’re still in school, not including the one you could create yourself.

There are writers who publish articles in Pizza specialty magazines, cigar aficionado websites, and shoot photos on the weekend. Freelancing is a way of life.

There are artists (like my friend Ryan) who write comic strips for a little cash so he can learn animation, all the while taking a grocery store job to pay the bills.

If you’re a student right now, feeling there will never be a career you’ll actually like, here are a couple things you should do:

1. Go deeper

Right now, I develop eCourse content for internal employees of MorphoTrust USA. If you told college Todd that’s what he would have been doing in a few years, he would have probably jumped out the window.

But truth be told, most of what I’m doing now involves talking to people (which I love), asking them questions about something they know very well (love), and then creatively packaging that information in a way people can enjoy (love the most).

Dive in with yourself and find what you really enjoy, not just the things you like to do.

2. Just pick one

It’s funny how we get stuck in this mindset of “I have to choose the exact right thing or my life will be garbage and I’ll have a million regrets.”


Right out of college, I wanted to be a programmer. When I didn’t get that first job, it crushed me. I thought that was my path.

Not so much.

Now I’m doing a different job for the same company I interviewed with for a developer spot, and (surprise!) the days are still plenty happy.

Here’s another little secret: There is no “one true path.”

Every road you take will leave you with something. Be ready to spot those things along the way.

3. Go for broke

Whatever path you take, go after it with everything you have. I’m a firm believer of going all in on your strengths, but that takes some serious work.

When you pour everything you have into what you’re doing, you are much more likely to get something back.

This “halfway in” approach doesn’t work out. You can’t make great strides with only one foot. You can’t change the world unless you are fully immersed.

And you can’t change yourself unless you go for broke.

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Written by

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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