Why Good Ideas Come in the Shower

I take two baths per week. There are no bubbles, but there is one duck. Also, there is a dark rum-scented candle because I am a man.

What happens in the bath? I sit. I think. I read. For a moment, all is still.

Water and electricity don’t mix. Neither current is compatible with the other. This is a nice coincidence because it might be the only moment in your day where you are free from the endless pinging and chirping and blooping and buzzing from that godforsaken dopamine machine in your pocket.

I mean, is it any wonder your ideas come in the shower? You are warm and wet and free there. Phones can destroy you. Ideas give you hope. Choose hope

“We don’t know where our ideas come from, but we do know they don’t come from our laptops.” — John Cleese

Written by

An optimist who writes. www.toddbrison.com/infinite-ideas

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